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Mother and Child
13 March 2014

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8 August 2014

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From the Age of Steam
26 February 2018

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Two Dorys
6 August 2016

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Two Leaves
5 September 2015

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Huron Sunrise
3 September 2015

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Gull at Sunrise
2 September 2015

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Lifting #2
25 August 2015

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After Hours
9 April 2015

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Lunar Eclipse Series
10 October 2014

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Open Window
27 July 2014

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18 March 2014

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Mail Boxes
11 February 2013

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1 December 2012

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14 November 2012

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Oh Well
23 February 2011

Recent Comments

Paul Krieger on From the Age of Steam
Great job on your photography! I thought you might like to know that your 2018 ArtPrize entry is misspelled. It ...

Steven on Small Stream
A tranquil oasis with beautiful greens!!

L'Angevine on Small Stream
bien la source

L'Angevine on Munising Falls
belle source

L'Angevine on Grill and Ornament
beau jaune

L'Angevine on Dock Low Tide
bien cette cabane

rbassin on Grill and Ornament
Un gros plan intéressant, le jaune contraste avec les chromes

beach on Grill and Ornament
They don't make them like they used to.

L'Angevine on Feet
exact j'ai tout de suite penser à la forme d'un pied

beach on Dock Low Tide
Nice shot.

omid on Feet
:) such beautiful idea, frame, colors & textures! Lovely!

L'Angevine on Sunrise
belle lumière

beach on Feet
Ah, footprints. HST

Harry on Sunrise

omid on Sunrise
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors, lights & reflections! Amazing silhouettes!

L'Angevine on Untitled
bien cet arbre mort

Anne on Sunrise
Nice shot.

Gemma Wiseman on Lifght Tower Window
Interesting window perspective. A touch of wistfulness in this scene.

Gemma Wiseman on Low Tde Light
Stunning light on this beautiful beach scene.

Gemma Wiseman on Untitled
Extraordinary, quietly dramatic view of this beach landscape.

Ellebelle on Untitled
Like arms reaching for the sky ............. Great subtle refelctions in the wet sand!

Curly on Untitled
Wow - travel brochure stuff!

Dimitrios on Untitled
superb bravo

L'Angevine on Low Tde Light

Anna Cherer on Untitled
Superb composition ! I Love those dead trees silhouettes !

Anita B. on Low Tde Light
Very beautiful light!

L'Angevine on Lifght Tower Window

Anne on Low Tde Light
Great colors, light and scenery!

Parviz Falahatkar on Two Dorys
nice forms ...!

Robert D. Burr on Dory
Really well composed with strong lines.

Harry on Bales
well composed with fine dark B&W tones

Sof on Bales
J'aime beaucoup ce N&B

martine Libouton on Bales
Wouhaaaaa Superbe ta photo!!! 5*

L'Angevine on Flotsum

Robert D. Burr on Flotsum
Great image.

L'Angevine on Slate Chips

L'Angevine on Sunrise and Wire Fence
belle lumière

L'Angevine on Fence Line

Harry on Fence Line

beach on Fence Line
Love this. The fence cuts the picture but it can not contain the space of the sky.

L'Angevine on Lifting #2
Il est bien fort

L'Angevine on Lifting #1
Il sera bien musclé

Michael Mitchell on Untitled
Thanks for the kinds words.

rem_la on Untitled
c'est joliment composé

L'Angevine on Untitled

L'Angevine on Untitled

L'Angevine on Trillium Trio

B. Thomas on Trillium Trio

Michael Mitchell on After Hours

L'Angevine on After Hours

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